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how'm i doin?

i've been staying up later and later, and it's really beginning to get troublesome.
i either get too much sleep or too little, which always leaves me tired. i've seen an handful of friends very frequently (which pleases me), but the remainder almost not at all... and i feel very bad for it. but i can never seem to get out of the house, or even do anything productive IN the house, until after 5pm. and staying up so late doesn't help matters...

well, i've been reading "The Mammoth Book of UFOs", which has stared me in the face for years. it's really an interesting read. it's well-balanced and not at all crack-pot. a good piece of journalism, rather than a biased sermon on either side of the phenomena. and some great thoughts and vignettes.

would like to clean my room, seperate the wheat from the chaff, and find the willpower to sell some things and make some quick money. i have $3 cash by the continuing grace of my friends, and about $5 remaining in my checking account by the limitless laziness of myself.
i've been sitting on correcting an English paper for a German friend for nearly a week now, and should take the 2 hours to get that done soon.

so much on the mind. so much that needs to be done. so little willpower ;)
back to normal.

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