June 11th, 2009

never knows best


hey, kids!

ya, i don't post here much anymore. and i only periodically check, as the site is broken on my browsers and facebook is so impulsive!

but i've started a blog i'm hoping to update regularly. it's not personal, like the stuff i used to write here. it focuses on being alternative and Lutheran - hopefully as a point of reference for cool Lutherans or cool non-Christians.

altlutheran.blogspot.com - and there's neomonastic.com, but i still don't have my permissions back since my friend changed over his server, so it's been very dead.

if you miss me, i'm sorry. i feel like i have so little worth saying about myself lately. it's either self-indulgent or completely boring, neither of which i enjoy.

God increases and I decrease - and less because i'm pious, but more because i realize how much i suck most of the time lol.

but check it out. or find me on facebook. i miss all ya'll. hopefully God will find reason to put us together again.